MOA – Spring Look Book – Photocomposition & Retouching

CREDITS: Creative Director – Carla Fadden, Art Director, Photographer – Cindy Coelho & Kelsey Lindhorst – Colleen Guether (Laydowns) & Lauren Krysti (On Fig), Agency – KNOCK Inc.

Photography for Mall of America’s Spring 2017 Look Book. All images came from two photo shoots with separate teams of stylists and art directors. My task was to create a unified set of photo assets used in the Look Book and many Spring 2017 branded MOA communications.

  • On Fig photography shot at a local studio. Lightly processed captures from the photographer’s studio were transferred to me with the Art Director’s direction for more advanced editing. I lead a group of two editors to get through this large batch of work.
  • Laydown photography shot at KNOCK studio. Unprocessed RAW images were transferred to me with Art Director’s direction for beginning-to-end RAW conversion and photo editing.