Work Experience


Independent Graphic Designer, Production Artist & Retoucher
My second stint as a full-time independent creative has seen me focus on partnering with creative and design agencies. I have worked with KNOCK and CBX on contract during this time as well as smaller gigs with various businesses. I am learning a lot by working closely with my clients, often working on-site to make myself more available to and become privy to the internal discussions that shape how a project is managed and executed.


Graphic Designer
Five years of the freelance lifestyle made me a bit of a one-man wolf pack. I began looking for full-time work in Consumer Product Packaging, work I had first done years earlier with Partners & Hunt. Southern Graphic Systems (SGS) offered the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies, major players in the Packaging business. SGS is a vertically integrated solution provider, offering branding, art, photography, design, production artwork, prepress, plating & quality management services. I learned a great deal from all the bright and talented individuals I worked with at SGS. I left SGS early 2013 to pursue Freelance full-time.


Independent Graphic Designer & Photographer
After a new job ended disastrously with the company (Graf/X) closing its doors after a few short months, I sifted through the accounts I had serviced and called on prior customers finding steady freelance work with Northwest Athletic Club (since absorbed by Lifetime Fitness). I pursued educational opportunities during this time, focussing on learning the art of Photography and the science of Web Design. I shot editorial photography for various local media while cultivating a stable of small to medium-sized business customers who appreciated my versatility and cross-disciplinary skill set. I also began cultivating relationships and assignments with local design agencies during this period.


Production Artist
Created mockups using large format prints or high-end proofs as necessary that were used in photo shoots, product prototyping & color proofing. Here I gained experience working with National Brands and wrapping my mind around complex branding systems.


Graphic Designer
Graphic Design Inc is an offset printer with an in-house Graphic Design studio. It was here that I was first introduced to the unique needs of small business owners.

Book Learn’ns

More a learner by doing, I have completed some credits at technical schools mainly concentrating on Photography & other artistic endeavors. The rest of my education has been learned in the school of hard knocks in the Minneapolis, MN Graphic Design Industry where I have performed a variety of roles:

  • Graphic Design
  • Production Artist
  • Photographer
  • Web Designer
  • Freelance all-of-the-above

My grandfather taught me to draw while I was still young enough to sit on his lap and I encountered my first Mac computer with MacPaint around 1986 at a neighbor’s house and immediately put the two skills together. Little did I know my career path was set before junior high.