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Shoppers go wild for Lilly Pulitzer at Target

I was flying home from a Replacements show in Portland with my aunt and uncle (who are big ‘Mats fans from back in the day) when I saw a headline on CNN about the Lilly Pulitzer at Target collection selling out instantly. Like they were selling a new iPhone!

As you may have read in prior blog postings, I spent a lot of time earlier this year working on the Lilly Pulitzer ISM signage for my customer, KNOCK Inc. (more…)

Dumped a coffee in my MacBook Pro Retina

Mac Book Pro Coffee Collage

This weekend I was doing some client work at home. I had a mug of coffee and lots of paperwork on my desk. As I was moving moving papers around, they smashed into my mug and dumped a half full cup of coffee right into my MacBook Pro Retina’s keyboard.

This makes a good story for two reasons:

  1. Backup Mac: I was able to keep working after this incident and meet my client’s deadline, a great case study in how I keep working through inevitable technical issues.
  2. How a Spill into a MacBook Pro Retina Works: I learned some things about the MacBook Pro’s design that might help you minimize damage in the first seconds after a liquid spill.