It’s a Plaid, Plaid World this Fall at Target

The news is out. The project I’ve been working on with KNOCK Inc. this spring was made public on Target’s website today. (Sorry, wasn’t really today, Aug 9, I found this post sitting in my drafts folder and figured better to publish late than never…)

KNOCK has been working on Packaging and In Store Marketing (ISM) for the Designer Partnership with Adam Lippes.


Shoppers go wild for Lilly Pulitzer at Target

I was flying home from a Replacements show in Portland with my aunt and uncle (who are big ‘Mats fans from back in the day) when I saw a headline on CNN about the Lilly Pulitzer at Target collection selling out instantly. Like they were selling a new iPhone!

As you may have read in prior blog postings, I spent a lot of time earlier this year working on the Lilly Pulitzer ISM signage for my customer, KNOCK Inc. (more…)

Dumped a coffee in my MacBook Pro Retina

Mac Book Pro Coffee Collage

This weekend I was doing some client work at home. I had a mug of coffee and lots of paperwork on my desk. As I was moving moving papers around, they smashed into my mug and dumped a half full cup of coffee right into my MacBook Pro Retina’s keyboard.

This makes a good story for two reasons:

  1. Backup Mac: I was able to keep working after this incident and meet my client’s deadline, a great case study in how I keep working through inevitable technical issues.
  2. How a Spill into a MacBook Pro Retina Works: I learned some things about the MacBook Pro’s design that might help you minimize damage in the first seconds after a liquid spill.


Early 2015 Freelance Update

I’m finally getting used to writing “2015” and the Super Bowl is finished, so I guess the new year honeymoon is over. Looks like 2015 is shaping up to be as busy and successful as 2014.

My main project lately is the In Store Marketing for Target’s designer partnership with Lilly Pulitzer. (more…)