Case Study: Gridded Images for Commerce site

The Task

Prepare product images designed to grid up with each other on a flat gray background tint while casting natural shadows. This required careful management during retouching. Spokes, gears and brake/shifter cables need to read clearly.

The Execution

  • Create a layout template for each angle (Profile, cockpit, drivetrain, etc.) and adjust all photography to match, so every image sits in its frame consistently.
  • All components were individually masked which I mostly hand drew for maximum fidelity.
  • Natural shadows from original shot are isolated and used to share the common flat gray background placed into all images.
  • Each frame color was matched to actual painted sample frame tubing using a calibrated light source and monitor for maximum accuracy.

Website-ready Assets

She Devil


Grid of Sideviews

Need an image system for your commerce site that makes your layout sing?

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