3D Rendered Packaging Mockups

Giant Eagle Rendering
New 3D Rendered Package Mockup

I’m developing 3D chops to better serve my clients’ needs. My own portfolio is where I’m proving the real-world application of my 3D workflows. See how I have drastically improved an older portfolio mockup.

Giant Eagle 2D Rendering

This Giant Eagle line extension packaging project is one of the older pieces in my portfolio. When I made the original portfolio graphics, I overlaid the packaging mechanical artwork on top of the vector 2D illustration of the pouch and masked it to the edge of the vector pouch. It was simple and it worked…

Giant Eagle Rendering

…and it can be improved upon.

Applying the same packaging mechanical artwork to 3D modeled pouches I quickly produced photo-realistic packaging mockups with cast shadows.

This 3D rendering treatment of packages can be reasonably quick & easy when the packages are relatively standard and can be sourced via stock agencies that host 3D model libraries. Custom packaging may have a 3D model from the original package engineer, which is usable. Custom modeling can be used for anything that doesn’t fit into the above scenarios.