Early 2015 Freelance Update

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I’m finally getting used to writing “2015” and the Super Bowl is finished, so I guess the new year honeymoon is over. Looks like 2015 is shaping up to be as busy and successful as 2014.

My main project lately is the In Store Marketing for Target’s designer partnership with Lilly Pulitzer. I’ve also done work for Target Apparel & Accessories & the Minnesota Roller Girls.

I addition to Keylining and preparing art assets for print production or web deployment, I have been teaming up with Art Directors to do creative composition of photography. Photo Composition and Retouching is a task I really enjoy. My skill with the Wacom tablet has been developed to increase my capability in this type of work.

All this work has been produced under contract with KNOCK Creative Agency. I have been working with this agency for the last year and a half, more or less full time. These days it’s pretty much full time work. KNOCK is a great customer and a pleasure to work with. They just purchased a killer MacPro setup with a high-end hardware calibrated display which I get to use for my retouching work on-site.

I’ve actually done two gigs at KNOCK Creative Agency. The one I am currently engaged in and one about 9 years ago when KNOCK was a much smaller agency. One of these days I should write a blog post about the long and winding road that brought me to KNOCK once and brought back years later.