SUPERVALU’s New Private Label National Brand

Those of you who know me probably know I work the SUPERVALU account 40+ hours a week. I’ve had to keep quiet about what’s been brewing for quite some time. Now it’s public info: SUPERVALU has a new, consolidated, Private Label National Brand called Essential Everyday. This brand is designed to replace the existing Banner Brand (Cub, Jewel, Flavorite, etc.) branded private label items.

I cannot wait until the artwork is made public. At this time it is not, so I cannot show it on my site, but I will put it up just as soon as SUPERVALU makes it public on their site.
The new brand launch is something I have been working on since spring 2010 when I did some preliminary work with SUPERVALU’s design agency who created the brand system. It’s great to see it finally coming to fruition!

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