working for The Man to living The Dream

It began in 2011

Freelancing while working full-time as a Graphic Designer, my customers were businesses who needed someone who could wear multiple hats.

It got real in 2013

Quitting my job to become a full-time independent creative, this leap of faith turned out to be the best professional move I’ve ever made.

The journey continues

Working directly with design and creative agencies as a Retouching & Design vendor, I’ve brought Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers on as clients.

Photo Retouching & Photocomposition

Retouching is my speciality. See some examples on this site. In person I can share my book, which includes visuals I cannot share via my website, contact me to setup a one-on-one meeting. Some specific photo editing tasks I do for clients:

  • Executing Art Direction: Matching photographs to a common theme or art direction, such as matching backgrounds across a product shoot or matching the feel of a reference image or creative deck.
  • Photo Retouching: Removing blemishes or removing color casts, balancing different light sources, Frequency Separation editing, etc.
  • Photocomposition: Creative reimagining of photography, special effects. Perhaps using multiple captures, sometimes from different shoots, to create a natural-appearing result. I love a challenge!
  • RAW Processing: I always shoot RAW format in my own photography. I love making big stylistic edits in the RAW conversion stage (where I find the tools more artistically tuned) before beginning detailed Photoshop retouching. Capture One Pro and Adobe Camera Raw are my go to solutions.
  • Animated GIFs: Creating and editing source images to produce animated GIF images.
  • Prep for Output: Prepare images for final output in various mediums. Examples: extending backgrounds, resample for enlargement, process-specific color manipulation.

Production Artwork, Production Design

I have done Production Design during multiple stages of my career, honing my skill adapting a brand or design from one purpose to another—never losing the essence of what defines the original. Consistently applying color palettes, hierarchies & brand strategies so the derivative cannot be distinguished from the original is the name of the game. I take guidance from existing artwork needing little supervision, identifying essential design characteristics & patterns and applying this branding to new items. On the flip side, I enjoy working directly with an Art Director to achieve their creative vision artistically executed to my highest technical standards.

Graphic Design

I have developed an instinct for design over many years in the creative business. My adaptable style can be applied to a variety of design techniques. My efforts never lose sight of the main objective: Communicating with your audience—clearly, memorably and motivationally.

Web Design

I approach web design as an advocate for the end-user. Consistency and discoverability in the UI, leveraging design patterns the user intuitively understands is what I bring to the task. A natural creative problem-solver, I love figuring out how to tackle any technical situation. I use the WordPress CMS platform to power this site and it is the CMS I know best. I leverage my network of developer partners to complete development projects.


Work hard & be nice to people

Anthony Burrill

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