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3D SLR Camera Model

3D Assets & Retouching

I’m getting more requests to use 3D in my work. When studio photography was difficult to produce and marketing still needed images to hype new products, 3D composed into existing photography filled a need. Now that creative departments have warmed to the process, this outside-the-box thinking continues.

Black Lives Matter

We Must Do Better

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I live in Minnesota. Been here my whole life. Until a couple weeks ago it seemed like a pretty decent place where people generally get a fair shake. Maybe that’s true sometimes. Perhaps most of the time. But it’s not enough.

Year of Photography

My Year of Photography

I became a designer as an excuse to spend my days playing with photographs. After trying an SLR camera it was obvious I could get good at this. I found a way to scan film so my photos could could edited using state-of-the-art-in-1994 Photoshop version 2.5.

My New 2017 iMac

My MacBook Pro met my needs. For web design, print design and some medium duty photo editing, it was fine. I was happy to wait for Apple’s next supercomputer…

…until I wasn’t.

MacBook Pro 15 inch TouchBar

New MacBook Pro

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know that Apple has redesigned the MacBook Pro recently. Here’s my take.

Illustration of two creatives at work, facing eachother

Thoughts on Independence

Ever get pressured onto a client’s payroll as a freelancer? Are you being pushed toward W2 status while trying to build an independent practice?