Digital Photo Technician Services

Art director checking the photos on digitech's monitor

Work with me on-set at your next photo shoot!

Beginning immediately, I’m accepting Digitech (On-set Digital Photo Technician) assignments.

My favorite projects for the last few years have been photo retouching assignments. I love diving deep into individual captures and making the best image possible!

On many better photo shoots, a Digitech handles the digital workflow of the shoot. I’m responsible for managing the tethered camera or transferring images from cards as shot, organizing, naming images, tagging & taking notes that follow RAW captured images into the software workflow. At the end of the shoot, I provide Contact Sheets and low res comping images to the clients and creatives to make their selects.

Often the gig includes adapting an approved photo style from mood board or creative deck to actual photography as it comes out of the camera with the Art Director and Photographer on set which is really exciting. Having worked in the production end of the design business for more than two decades, I can quickly apply preliminary image processing allowing the Art Director & Client to confidently approve the work being done.

After creative and client review, with final selects in-hand, I dive deep to refine the captures for maximum impact while my creative eye guides confident improvisation to achieve the goals when there isn’t a straight line from capture to finished image.

Why this somewhat obscure niche of the design world?

I love both the “Process” and the “Creative” parts of the creative process. Digitech work leans heavily on the process side and this suits me well. Plus, I love hanging out with photographers, I’ve done some freelance photography and I still use a DSLR regularly as an amateur, I really enjoy the process of making a photographic image. It doesn’t hurt that a few people have told me that the Minneapolis commercial photography market needs more Digitechs. Seems like a great opportunity to meet new clients while doing work I enjoy. Of course, I’d love to expand my new client relationships to include post-production work, such as Retouching and Photocomposition.

Some photographers I work with would rather not process their own RAW images, or do a rough first pass of basic RAW edits and hand-off Capture One EIP or regular RAW files to me for finishing. With these photographer clients, I’ve been doing the job of a digitech without having the advantage of working on set while the captures are occurring. I’m excited to get involved on the front end on-set with the photographer and art director.

In 2018 I began learning the Capture One workflow knowing that it is the standard on-set software. The editing concepts I have refined over the years in Adobe Camera RAW and Lightroom translated perfectly, and I find Capture One opens up more sophisticated edits that Adobe Camera RAW just can’t do. Capture One’s layered workflow with sophisticated masking is a real game changer! So much more can be done before cracking open Photoshop.

I’m available in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. Contact me at link below for my Rate Sheet and availability.

How could you use a tech on-set?

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  1. David Ellis

    Hey Robert-

    Happy New Year! What are your rates for digi teching?

  2. Robert (Author)

    Hi David!

    I’ve been working on a rate sheet. Since it’s my first one, it’s kind of a work in progress. I’m thinking $650/day without a Digicart and $850 with a Digicart. A couple people have suggested these as typical rates. Thoughts?

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