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Black Lives Matter

We Must Do Better

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I live in Minnesota. Been here my whole life. Until a couple weeks ago it seemed like a pretty decent place where people generally get a fair shake. Maybe that’s true sometimes. Perhaps most of the time. But it’s not enough.

My New 2017 iMac

My MacBook Pro met my needs. For web design, print design and some medium duty photo editing, it was fine. I was happy to wait for Apple’s next supercomputer…

…until I wasn’t.

Tuckyhut and Hector, the Brand Mascot

Three years an independent

Jan 2, 2016. I let it come & go without much notice this year. It should be celebrated, though. It’s my Independence Day. The day I quit my job.

It’s a Plaid, Plaid World this Fall at Target

I’ve been working with KNOCK on the plaid-ification of Target stores. The news is out. The project I’ve been working on with KNOCK Inc. this spring was made public on Target’s website today

Shoppers go wild for Lilly Pulitzer at Target

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I was flying home from a Replacements show in Portland, when I saw a headline on CNN about the Lilly Pulitzer at Target collection selling out instantly. Like they were selling a new iPhone!

KNOCK featured in the Egotist

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Knock Inc was featured in the Egotist today. The new building featured in the story coincides with a new branding identity.

Early 2015 Freelance Update

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I’m finally getting used to writing “2015” and the Super Bowl is finished, so I guess the new year honeymoon is over. My main project is In Store Marketing for Target’s designer partnership with Lilly Pulitzer. I’ve also done work for Target Apparel & Accessories & the Minnesota Roller Girls.