Case Studies

Look behind the curtain! Here I share more detail than my Portfolio posts. Expect deconstructed workflows showing my approach to complex tasks. Lots of before-and-after views. Maybe a few image editing buzzwords explained. I hope to give you an idea of how I think here, not just impress you with beautiful images.

Giant Eagle Rendering

3D Rendered Packaging Mockups

3D Package rendering from mechanical artwork and 3D rendered packaging models rendered over scene background photograph.

Candle Tin

Candle Tin Warping

The Soap & Paper Factory brought me a completed design requiring advanced geometric adaptation for overseas printing and tin stamping for production.

After Pattern Swap

Swaddle Pattern Swap

With the whole Studio Photography business effectively shut down, my clients need creative ways to show new product on models. One way is to swap new patterns/colors onto previous talent photographs.

HALO Bassinest - Swapped Pattern - Featured

Swap Fabric Pattern

Product images needed to show new fabric patterns but the client hoped to avoid producing a new photo shoot.

Campaign Images for Background Color Swap

Photo style for this campaign required swappable background colors. Final assets built with masked Photoshop Adjustment Layers to make swapping colors easy for non-expert Photoshop users.

Gridded Images for Commerce site

Prepare product images designed to grid up with each other over a common flat gray background tint while casting natural shadows.

Final w_Geometric Corrections

The Firm Rebrand Photo Style

Stylized photography is a vital component of The Firm’s 2019 rebrand. See how I approached building this stylized, cohesive body of work.

Boy looking at lit Christmas lights

Background Color Swap

This image was shot on a blue background and the red background variation was created in post.


A promising, yet highly challenging RAW file with direction to process into a tonally balanced image avoiding a “cut out” look.