My Year of Photography

Year of Photography

Pretty sure I became a designer as an excuse to spend my days playing with beautiful photographs. The first time someone put an SLR camera in my hands it was obvious I could get good at this. The very next thing I found was a way to get my film scanned so I could edit my photos using state-of-the-art-in-1994 Photoshop version 2.5.

You may be reading this post because I’ve reached out to you offering my Photo Retouching and Photocomposition services, if so, welcome! Or perhaps you just stumbled into this corner of the internet after a long night of drinking—if so, go home, you’re drunk!

Okay, everyone who’s still with me: After spending the last 20 years shooting, editing, printing and sharing photos, it’s become clear my strongest skills are in post processing—RAW Conversion, Retouching, Color Correction and Photocomposition.

This year I’m developing the photographic side of my services, really just leaning into the kind of tasks my clients ask me to do already. Photographic image editing and composition has been much of my work lately. If you need a freelance resource for these kinds of tasks, please do get in touch. I’m taking new clients right now and I’m especially interested in working with photographers and agencies with challenging retouching assignments.

Want to bounce your photography ideas off someone?

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