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Minneapolis WordCamp 2013

My last WordCamp was 2011 and it was an epiphany. Apparently no one organized a Minneapolis WordCamp in 2012. I’m looking forward to soaking up all the latest techniques and applying to my clients’ web sites.

Freelance Update

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Lately I’ve been busy with lots of projects:: Production Design at a creative agency while covering a maternity leave, photo retouching assignments for a few customers (loving my Intuos5 tablet!), Photography for a new Jewelry Designer, Branding ID & Website for a Keynote Speaker

Tuckyhut Monogram Logo

All Legit Now

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The Tuckyhut is now the new & improved Tuckyhut LLC!
I guess it’s official now, I am on record with the State of Minnesota & the IRS as a corporation. I’ll keep you all posted on the IPO 😉

Wacom Tablet

Wacom Tablet

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Gearing up for my freelance career sure is fun! I just received my Intuos5 Wacom Tablet.

Lynda Creative Training

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Just signed up for Lynda training today. I’m learning the newest techniques in Adobe Creative Suite, Lightroom and how to use jQuery to improve my versatility on the freelance market.

Adobe CS6

Need someone up-to-date with Adobe CS6? I’m your guy 🙂