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While all of you were stuffing your faces full of Christmas cookies and egg nog, I’ve been hard at work modernizing my Portfolio site. Don’t feel too bad for me, I’ve been stuffing my belly full of porter and stout while doing the work!

My goal was to offer responsive display for mobile & desktop devices and feature my work in large-format. My old template failed on both counts.

The devs out there will note that this is a canned WP theme (Themezilla’s Rangefinder) and not my own design and development. While I would love to design a new site from scratch and develop it myself, I was fully booked in 2014 doing Production Design, Photo Retouching, Video Editing and all kinds of other stuff.

2014 was a great year of freelancing. I never found the week or two needed to work up something from scratch. Furthermore, I did so little Web Design this year my web skills, especially dev chops, are a bit rusty.

Okay, enough with my excuses…I really like this portfolio theme, it is ultra-visual and responds to mobile devices very nicely. ThemeZilla did a great job on this one. I doubt I would have been able to produce something this slick even if I took a month off to do the job!

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